• I had some fun with my with my ESP-09 that had a break for a while... a break of couple years... I got it finally talking a bit more... Attached are the pics of my setup...

    To begin with, I just wired the pins for normal run via 10k resistors - GPIO0, GPIO02, RST to H, GIO15 to L - and a direct connection of CH_DP to 3.3V. The 'fat' capacitor - 2200uF - close to the 8266 makes sure that there is enough juice for spikes... As said, this was the beginning... to get things done though, I ended up with wiring more pins to PICO - like in the shim - and override the resistors.

    No matter what I did, ESP8266 ESP-09 as a pure Wifi module driven via serial from Espruino just did not want to cooperate. I ended up to put Espruino on the ESP-09 and now we are talking. The third picture shows the final setup: Espruino IDE on OS X connected via USB-to-Serial to ESP8266 ESP-09. For how I got there, keep reading.

    See also sister conversation WebServer and Chirp Sensor (moisture, temperature, light) on ESP8266 ESP-09.

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