P8 smartwatch as a Dash for electric unicycles.

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  • It's funny how things just fall in place with this project, the solution to the bridge puzzle was in front of my eyes. :)

    One of the wheels, the segway/xiaomi/ninebot Z, uses the nordic chipset with the default serial service. So by emulating this wheel, I can now have any program connect, no changes to the app or espruino needed :)

  • needs some more work, but the dash is now really nice, top bars are regen braking, bottom ones are acceleration power.


  • I used some dsd6's and some very bright cob led lights from aliexpress, to make some smart tail lights for the euc, they auto connect to the wheel and monitor breaking action, auto daisy chain to one another, I really like them.

    So this is a feature request, please make something like this available for order. :)


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  • So you put LED instead of display or hr sensor? Or maybe just used the board without original case?

    They are quite easy to open without any visible damage but if you don't need the front face anyway then it doesn't matter (I see they are cracked a lot there in photos).

    Anyway it is great you put them to some use :-)

  • Yes, I guessed the motor will have a small fet for driving it, so the pin could handle the led light. So I just used the dsd6 board and replaced the one on the light, very nice little boards on those dsd6, thank you for making this possible :)

  • a better perspective showing the watch the EUC and the lights.


  • Nice idea! Puck.js does have a FET that'll drive 500mA too, so you could stick a COB LED on that inside the case. It's only got a 3v watch cell though.

    It'd be great if you could just buy something cheap that had the battery, charge circuitry, nRF52 and FETs in it - but right now the DSD6 it probably the cheapest way to do that!

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P8 smartwatch as a Dash for electric unicycles.

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