Firmware v6.49 vs v5 Power Idle

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  • This one seems particularly common, have we covered that alreadY? The code above covers it. And we are doing float arithmetic with getBattery .. hmm

    Espruino does not use HW floating point, javascript uses double type which is not what the FPU can do so this FPU fix was not there as it was not needed. If you still have older firmware you could check (and clear) FPU state and pending IRQ with­36cd62a82a857cf8b6a5c86f , see end of it, just paste

    var fpu = (function(){
      var bin=atob("CErS+AQxWwYK1fHuEDoj8J8D4e4QOv­HuEDpAI8L4hDFwRwC/AOEA4PHuEApwRwAAAkvT+A­QBwPOAEHBHAOEA4A==");
      return {
        getFPSCR:E.nativeCall(41, "int()", bin),
        getPendingFPUIRQ:E.nativeCall(49, "int()", bin),
        clearFPUIRQFlags:E.nativeCall(1, "void()", bin),

    and then call fpu.getPendingFPUIRQ() to get the pending IRQ flag.

    Anyway having the FPU fix there makes InlineC FPU hacks a bit easier.

  • @Gordon it seems that with the latest cutting edge firmware my Bangle.js is back in business. Thank you!

  • That's great news, thanks!

  • Battery life is definitely improved. Have had 2v06.78 installed for a couple of days and the standby time is amazing. I've previously had nights where the watch was laying unused and lost 20% or more overnight, but now it was laying unused for more than 2 days and lost only a few percent. Awesome!

  • awsome I will update to it tonight and see if it helps :-)

  • First of all: I'm using a F18, not an official Bangle.js but I was experiencing similar issues concerning the power consumption.
    At first I thought it might be a problem with having built the image myself and fiddling with the interior (still might have been the issue...)

    With the current cutting edge build (v6.78), I can also confirm that battery life has improved quite a lot over previous firmware updates.
    Before battery life was two to three days at most. Now it's up to four days and still running.
    Thanks! :)

  • Great! And thanks for being up-front about the F18 @jcmb :)

    There are actually a few potential things to bump the standby time up further by the look of it - actually putting the flash memory into a 'standby' mode, and maybe trying to reduce how often we look at the accelerometer when the Bangle hasn't moved for a while (eg at night). I'll have to have more of a look at those when I get a moment.

  • There is no "upvote" here but that sounds awesome @Gordon
    Only tried the update for a day so far but seems good. will check back after the week

  • Just a heads up, indeed the changes you made have significantly improved idle consumption and thus duration sustained without needing charge. The factor is quite high, I'm still waiting for my watch to hit bottom and its been a while , like 5 days. I would have already had to charge this prior.
    Its more efficient than even v5/v6.

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Firmware v6.49 vs v5 Power Idle

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