• Hi Gordon,

    This make me feel really foolish, but I never seem to be able to login to your swell forum as "myself" when I switch computers or after quite a while between visits.

    It consistently sends me a new login in code, and when I respond I have to become this new individual?

    Usually my email address is my identity, and the user name is just an association. Or maybe that's true and I'm missing something important?


  • For the forum your email address is your identity too. There's no password stored or anything - it just requires entering the code if you've cleared out your cookies in order to validate that it's you.

    What user name are you expecting to be? My guess is maybe you logged in with a different email address for that one?

  • Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for the consideration of your timely reply.

    OK, for some reason I thought the email instance would expire.

    And yes I've been forced to change my university email a couple of times since graduation, etc. , and I am rocking several machines both Linux and Windows so it's easy to get sideways with the cookies.

    I guess correctly on the original email address, I used was issued a new code, and used that to get into my correct "Rando" profile.

    All well.

    By the was was able to update my Puck.js to 2.06, and then connect like a dream from Ubuntu 16.04, my new Android 8.1 phone is much faster, visa vi, DFU than my Nexus 7.

    Great job!

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  • Err, 2.08 I mean obviously.

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Forum Login/Idenity ... am I mssing something simple?

Posted by Avatar for RandallSY @RandallSY