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    Thank you! This kind of timely support is exactly why I own ever single piece of hardware you make...

    Works perfectly, and sounds great as well. Espruino really has command of the Micro:Bit's speaker, and this example is a good into to Espruino's (JS) "eventing system". I have an entirely new respect of/for setInterval.

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    Today both your binaries worked fine, my only issue is I may have fixed a configuration issue on the nRF device when I installed the correct version of Micropyhthon just to check the hardware was OK.

    Also I may have forgot to reboot my machine yesterday. Classic mistake.

    And I guess I copied over the wrong hex file from my build directory. I used "espruino_2v14.149_microbit2.app_hex" which probably short the softdevice.
    That was easy to do. My bad.

    I really appreciate you being so diligent and updating the Micro:bit v2, I really need the spearker for my project.

    Thanks for your help, Gordon.

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    I built my own binary for the Micro:Bit v2, and downloaded the one from the repo, flashed both without error, but neither responds respond to console or BLE. I'm using the WEB IDE inside of Chrome latest.

    Also fail USB serial...

    Could their be an issue with the latest and greatest?


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    Howdy all,

    Just need a little help getting started with a simple application that would count down at a variable rate and display progress on the Micro:Bit V2 LED Display. It would be great if on every iteration I fired the speaker on the version 2 at each transition for say 500 MS.

    I was thinking that the async nature of Espruino would allow me to do something clever with the "eventing" system, and take advantage of Espruino's support for the LED matrix display.

    Eventually I would like the variables settable from a BLE interfaced on a Smartphone, but basic functionallity first...


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    Hi Gordon, thanks for your comments.

    Great minds run together, I ran some experiments this morning with the latest ESP32 dev module and the new Arduino IDE 2.o beta. The latest gen CHXXX USB serial interface does rip, and the serial programming performance is very good.

    My only motivation for using Espruino on the ESP32, was consistency with my other code examples. I am working on some education materials, and am looking at some gentle, progressive code snippets to get familiar with the "big ideas" in low power BLE.

    I'm getting a lot of inspiration from your recent YouTube videos on the subject.


    I really like how you show the evolution of a generic BLE serial console, to a unique custom characteristic of your design, and then hit the Android Nordic nRF connect console to demonstrate manually stuffing a bit in the "register" to activate the servo. That seems like the learning trajectory best to follow.

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    JumJum it's very interesting to look through your old posts, a lot of great work there.

    Thanks for posting.

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    I guess what I meant to say, is I'm not sure what directly applies to the ESP32, in this context.

    Is it fair to say that the generic NRF class is completely, implemented? I could use my other Espruino boards to prototype and test with, if that is/was the case.

    Thanks for the consideration your reply...