SX1276/77/78/79 LoRa docs

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  • Hi 👋!

    I'm playing around with the SX1276/77/78/79 LoRa module--which works very nicely by the way--and it contains a Reference section with a list of prototype functions. Is there anywhere I can find more information about these?

    More specifically I'm trying to switch between TX and RX mode on the fly, and my first guess was that the setOpMode-function had something to do with that, but as I said, I can't find any information on how to use it.



  • Oh, I solved my issue, so never mind the docs 😁.

  • Take a look at the source code, might help:­/blob/master/devices/SX127x.js
    IIRC it's just sx.tx(...), and sx.rx(...), but could be wrong...
    If you have the time to add some more docs / tutorial, just send a PR :)

  • Thanks :). Would love to contribute some day!

  • Glad you got it sorted!

    Just for future, most module pages (eg say something like:

    Espruino's SX127x (About Modules) module ...

    If you click on SX127x it'll take you to the source - which is generally what the reference section is generated from anyway.

  • Wonderful--good to know 👍!

  • Do you have a data sheet for the AI you are using?

  • I'm using the RA-02 myself 😊.

  • So they are fully compatible?

  • There are a bunch of ready-made ESP32 boards with lora chips. Come in handy, because first you have a mostly self-contained devboard some even have a small display and/or battery connector. Second because there are arduino samples for them, so you can verify with arduino samples if you are stuck :)
    But of course there as a drawback of long shipping time, and you might not get what you expect.

    RFM96 (IIRC I tested, and does work with the Espruino library) from Hope RF is I think available from lots of "western" suppliers, if you want something quickly.

  • Until now, I haven't had issues communicating with it using the SX library, and all sources I have seen claims that RA-02 is based on the SX1278 chip (it's hard to confirm anything with these Chinese modules though).

    I haven't tried anything else than sending/receiving at different frequencies, so I can't confirm if FSK/OOK, or stuff like spread factor etc. can be configured though.

  • Got success send LoRa data from LOM204 (WISOL) to ESPRUINO SX1276

    sent the AAA string

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  • Awesome--I don't know that module though 👌😊.

  • It’s a module that we represents in Brazil

  • now it´s working tranmission and reception :)

    I love ESPRUINO :)

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  • Cool 😎!

  • I love ESPRUINO :)

    Me too, more people should really be using it 😁. I'm working on a project to showcase at work (WiFi module, not LoRa though), hopefully people will see the opportunities there as well 😏.

    @tcpipchip = @user95229

    Oh ok, got it 😊.

  • yeah!!!! @Rek

    We wait that @Gordon port to RISC-V soon :)

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SX1276/77/78/79 LoRa docs

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