Use arduino microSD adapter for espruino?

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  • Hello, I am trying to connect a microSD card to my pixl.js using the Arduino microSD adapter, but I didn't have any success yet, is it possible at all to use the arduino adapter? if so, how do I need to connect it. (I can't order anything else since it's kinda hard to get anything from outside my country, and I also don't have any soldering stuff, so I can't just use a normal sd adapter and connect to that)

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  • Looks like that has a regulator and level shifter, probably designed for 5V systems. Can you read the part number on the IC (the one on the lower part of the image)?
    Would be hard to get it working without soldering, but if you can bypass the regulator and the level shifter, should just work.
    Or - might not be easy without soldering - you could use uSD -> SD adapter, like in the docs:

  • Hmm, I doesn't seem like it has a part number, just has "MicroSD Card Adapter" on the back...If you can specify what exactly to do with the card reader I can ask someone with soldering stuff to fix it

  • As @AkosLukacs says, it might actually be easier to just use a MicroSD->SD adaptor:

    Since the Espruinos are 3.3v basically all you need to do is connect straight through

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Use arduino microSD adapter for espruino?

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