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  • Hello everyone,

    I just started working on a data recorder widget/app for the Bangle and want to limit the file size to keep a maximum of one week worth of data. Which amounts to around 1000 lines in a text file (1 line/10 min).

    Now that the storage size is limited and flash mem has a limited number of write cycles I was wondering what would be the best way to handle this.

    In a simple solution I would

    open the data file
    read all lines into an array
    append the new line to the array
    write all lines, but the first, into the file

    Since I'm quite new to developing for the Espruino I don't want to mess up the flash within a few days of the widget repeatedly writing to the flash.

    Do you have any suggestions how the proposed solution could be improved?

  • Well, using just Storage.write will result in the whole file re-written each time, which is obviously not good.,"a") creates a slightly different file type which allows easy appends, but dropping the first few lines of the file and rewriting will still be bad.

    What I'd suggest is to have one StorageFile (with,"a")) for each day of the week, and then at midnight when you swap over you do,"r").erase() to erase the previous day (7 days ago) before starting afresh.

    That way you're actually being super kind to the flash, and it should be reasonably easy to implement?

  • Here's what I implemented. I'll leave it here for further reference.
    The full code can be found at­lob/master/apps/batchart/widget.js

    function logBatteryData() {
          const previousWriteLogName = "bcprvday";
          const previousWriteDay = require("Storage").read(previousWriteLog­Name);
          const currentWriteDay = new Date().getDay();
          const logFileName = "bclog" + currentWriteDay;
          // Change log target on day change
          if (previousWriteDay != currentWriteDay) {
            //Remove a log file containing data from a week ago
            require("Storage").write(previousWriteLo­gName, currentWriteDay);
          var bcLogFileA = require("Storage").open(logFileName, "a");
          if (bcLogFileA) {
            console.log([getTime().toFixed(0), E.getBattery(), E.getTemperature(), getEnabledConsumersValue()].join(","));
            bcLogFileA.write([[getTime().toFixed(0),­ E.getBattery(), E.getTemperature(), getEnabledConsumersValue()].join(",")].j­oin(",")+"\n");
  • Great - thanks for posting it up!

    However it looks like you need require("Storage").open(logFileName,"r")­.erase() instead of require("Storage").erase(logFileName);

    It's a bit tricky at the moment but StorageFile and the files created by require("Storage").read/write/erase are a bit different.

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File content rollover

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