Clocks didn't flip over to BST?

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  • yeah, timezone have a similar problem, ther are half an hour based timezones also...

  • Well, the time zone can be set in half-hour increments in the "Locale" settings, so that's already taken care of.

  • I would suggest adding to the language selection in the language app a selection for the timezone and saving the next few changeover dates together with the amount of change together with the locale stuff.
    custom.html could use­mezone-with-data-10-year-range.min.js .
    Usage:; would give all timezone names to select from (or two step selection with and; ), gives the zone data for a selected name.
    Either upload this zone data directly or use the packed format:­mezone-utils.js provides
    From­e/blob/d7f687ea598b205806decd83b78d3ea9a­d11a569/moment-timezone.js#L48 to­e/blob/d7f687ea598b205806decd83b78d3ea9a­d11a569/moment-timezone.js#L136 is the code needed on the Bangle.js to unpack data.

  • Sounds good to me. The amount of extra data needed should be tiny as long as the language app pulled out only what was required.

  • @Gordon: ok, I will start development and provide you with a PR.
    I would suggest letting the user select two timezones and add a settings entry to switch between those two for people travelling frequently between two two time zones.

  • Why not extend Settings with a html page like @DerGuteWolf suggested for locale?

    Or more radical integrate Locale in Settings but still create the setting and the locale file on Bangle.

  • Sorry, old thread. But I guess this never happened?

  • same question that I asked myself this morning ...

  • Hi - no, I'm afraid it didn't - but the app loader should have detected that the time was wrong by more than a few minutes and updated when you next connected... Or maybe we don't include timezone in the time check?

  • Afaik most of Europe will return to normal time in the next weekend. So I'm going to try for automatic adjustment. For some reason I don't know the widget is BJS2 only.

  • Good point - it'd be great to see if it works ok for everyone

    For some reason I don't know the widget is BJS2 only.

    I guess that's all it was tested on, but as you say I see no reason not to include it. I've just pushed a change to the dev app loader

  • The U.S. Senate passed the bill to switch U.S. time to DST and keep it there permanent. Yes!! We won't have to change clocks anymore. Not enacted yet, buy my fingers crossed. It's bad enough with 4 time zones ... let alone the changes twice a year.

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Clocks didn't flip over to BST?

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