• Wondering if anyone (specially Beta Backers) have tried an alternate Band for their Bangle? What 'specs' of band should I be looking for?

  • I had a 3d band adapter printed to allow me to use a 22mm NATO band which I think look awesome: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:401065­1. Too bad it's stuck inside the library because of COVID-19!

  • Oh that is very neat. Thanks :-)

    Just wondering, so if it needs an adapter for 22mm, will a 24mm fit directly without the adapter?


  • @PiOfThings 24mm won't work. It's actually quite a narrow gap once you remove the stock strap. My adapter gives you more space to work with.

  • Oh I see... thanks... so a 22mm strap with adapter as required... got it. Thanks @nikmartin and @ConorONeill

  • I'd like to remove the watch band in order to open the clock. Did anyone figure out how to do that? The little bar which fastens the band to the watch doesn't move at all when I try to push it out with a small screwdriver..

  • @jumpbucker They are very very stiff. If it doesn't move pushing from one side, try from the other side. Just be careful not to slip and tear the rubber of the strap.

  • @ConorONeill thanks, you are right - just enough force did it!

  • Whoop dee doo... Thanks for the excellent adapter @ConorONeill! I am one step closer to wearing my BangleJS fulltime. Got these relatively inexpensive 22mm ones from Amazon and they don't dig into my thin, scrawny wrists. Ignore the blue, I am out of black filament at the moment :D :D :D

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  • Sweeeet!

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Anyone using an alternate watch band for their Bangle?

Posted by Avatar for PiOfThings @PiOfThings