• Hi,

    Never had problems building Espruino on windows, but ...

    I'm on Ubuntu 16.04, Python 2.7 when I type

    make clean && BOARD=MDBT42Q RELEASE= 1 MAKE into a git cloned Espruino directory,

    and all I see happening is an endless loop of building c modules.


  • Related, can someone give me a simple command line to flash the nRF52832 via Jlink edu, with the contents of the new 2.01+ versions of Espruino for the MDBT42Q? I was struggling with the build process because I couldn't load the latest and greatest Espruino 2.04 for that module.

    nrfjprog seems to be able to handle *.hex files only.

  • I tired this ...

    adalink nrf52832 --programmer jlink --wipe --program-bin espruino_2v04_mdbt42q_app.bin 0x0000 -v

    Seemed like it should have been correct and effective, but apparently is not :(.

    I don't see the module advertising from the web-ble in Chrome.

    I'll attach a dump of the verbose output for the ambitious to purview.

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  • Here's a look at the Programmer from nRF-Connect 3.3 Programmer. This did flash the MDBT42Q 2.00 release correctly and I can connect web-ide

  • Uplink is broken in Firefox, switching to Chrome

  • Here's we go ...

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    • uplinkme.png
  • Are you actually building this for an official board? Or are you trying to flash this onto some other nRF52832?

    The official boards have the bootloader on them so the firmware update zips do not include the bootloader and softdevice - if you erase the whole chip and write just the bin file from the zip then it won't work.

    I suggest you look at the build messages. Most likely what is happening is the bootloader build is failing, and the make script isn't smart enough to realise and bail - it just keeps trying.

    Maybe try:

    make clean && BOOTLOADER=1 BOARD=MDBT42Q RELEASE= 1 make

    And see what errors it fails with. Most likely you don't have the correct ARM GCC compiler (the right one gets installed using the provision.sh script)

  • Sorry about this confused post!

    OK, that's much better but I still error out with

    tmp/ccnoNcWz.ltrans0.ltrans.o: In function `nrf_dfu_enter_check':
    /home/rasyoung/source/repos/github/espru­ino/Espruino/targets/nrf5x_dfu/main.c:13­5: undefined reference to `lcd_clear'
  • Just to see I download the Espruino-UNMAINTAINED_BOARDS leg from github, and it builds perfectly. I used nRFConnect 3.x to load the espruino_2v03_mdbt42q.hex and it advertises and connects from the Chrome web-ide.

    Might make sense to look at the current master see if there are issues...

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  • And to answer your question, yes and no. I'm working with my Puck and Pixl.js to see what the differences are programming and flashing (OTA, etc.) and a bare MDBT42q module, of which I have several varieties. (Electronut HackBLE, Raytac MDBT42q dev board, and a E73-TBB).

    I still have an ambition to build something custom, and as cheap as possible to interface with this ...

    We discussed this last year I think :) Thinking about doing a demo for the Puck/Pixl in this context I believe. Still a great idea! Espruino and Google Science Journal are the peanut butter and jelly of educational computing.

  • Ok, great! Turns out I'm made a mistake updating the bootloader and it hadn't really shown on Travis because I don't generally build the bootloader there. If you git pull now and make clean then you should be sorted :)

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Build Error, endless loop ... MDBT42Q on Ubuntu 16.04 Python 2.7x

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