Bangle.js Hackable Smartwatch just launched!

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  • Bangle.js is a smart watch which runs Espruino and can be programmed in JavaScript. New apps can be uploaded from your phone or computer with a few clicks, or like Puck.js you can develop your own software for it with ease. Think of it as a Puck.js with a screen, buttons, GPS, accelerometer, rechargeable battery and much more!

    See it now on KickStarter

  • One day too late. Or maybe they have policy to not promote kickstarters?

  • Couldn't blame them for such a policy. Gordon is actually competent and fulfills his KS projects on time; if you haven't noticed, a lot of the clowns who run kickstarter campaigns are much better at making and promoting their kickstarter campaigns than actually making the product they promise.

  • Yes, I'm not sure if it was intentional on their part of not, but either way it worked out ok :)

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Bangle.js Hackable Smartwatch just launched!

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