EspruinoWiFi module builtin?

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  • Why not put credentials into a module? ...that's what I do... see this conversation about Connecting EspruinoWiFi to computer over WiFi...

  • @allObjects While putting the credentials into a module is a possible way of 'hiding' it from the application module it still logically doesn't belong there. It forces people using or deriving the application code to have such module as well or to change the code which is not clean.

    There is also security aspect which we might want to think of. The configuration API should be done so that the sensitive information could be stored encrypted in a safe place and not in flash memory (something the BigClown core module would support).

  • While this hasn't been posted on the forum yet, new (cutting edge, 1v96 and later when released) firmwares now have a nonvolatile Storage module:


    There will be some JSON support in there soon as well, but this should make everyone's life a lot easier.

  • You can now do:

    >var s = require("Storage");
    =function () { [native code] }
  • @opichals, until you blow the fuse, nothing is safe in an mc... but I very well see your point.


EspruinoWiFi module builtin?

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