Puck occasionally stops returning information

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  • I've seen this in the web IDE and the Node library; I seem to be able to connect to the puck and run expressions (the expression does execute), but I do not get any information back until the puck, or the machine talking to the puck is restarted.

    Anyway to avoid this? At the moment I think my only recourse it to call load() on the puck when I'm not getting any data from it.

  • What computer are you using, and do you get it when using the Puck on other computers?

    I've had this, but only on Linux - and when it happens for me I can disconnect, shut chrome down, restart it, (sometimes I have to restart Bluez), and it's fine. I don't have to touch the Puck.

    Also, try just hitting Ctrl-C then typing echo(1) and enter. It could potentially be that some characters got lost at some point during the upload (although the IDE usually tries to do this automatically to recover)

  • It is Linux with bluez I'm using. I guess I'll have to try and restart bluez intelligently on my host device if I stop getting info back. Thanks for giving me a trail to follow.

  • @François pointed me at https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromi­umos/third_party/bluez/+log/chromeos-5.4­1 - which is Chrome OS's branch of Bluez.

    I wasn't able to build it (I only tried for a few minutes), but it has a bunch of fixes in and might be a bit more reliable?

  • Here are my notes when building BlueZ that might be helpful: https://github.com/beaufortfrancois/sand­box/blob/gh-pages/web-bluetooth/Bluez.md­

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Puck occasionally stops returning information

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