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    Hi Gordon

    You mentioned in a previous thread about potentially selling the the MDBT42 and breakout. If you did decide to sell that, how long would it be until that was available, and how much might they cost individually?

    I'm asking because I have potentially a big project on the horizon and the MDBT42 would be perfect for it, but until I've finished prototyping, I doubt I'd need to order enough that I could buy direct.
    Log course having the espruino env on the MDBT42 would make the project even easier too.

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    It is Linux with bluez I'm using. I guess I'll have to try and restart bluez intelligently on my host device if I stop getting info back. Thanks for giving me a trail to follow.

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    I've seen this in the web IDE and the Node library; I seem to be able to connect to the puck and run expressions (the expression does execute), but I do not get any information back until the puck, or the machine talking to the puck is restarted.

    Anyway to avoid this? At the moment I think my only recourse it to call load() on the puck when I'm not getting any data from it.

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    Definitely want/would buy MDBT42 + breakout.

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    Thanks you very much for your clearly well considered answers!

    The MDBT42 module sounds great, what functionality might it have out of the box?

    Setting the name to blank works perfectly well for my purposes.

    Final question (I promise): From this answer I can see that it's possible to hook a wifi module into the puck, but it would have different power requirements. IRC, the highest sensible voltage for the puck would 3.7v. If I used something like this to power the puck + wifi module, would that be sufficient? Would the Puck still be able to sense its battery cap?

    Apologies if I'm rambling. These questions are coming to me as I type.

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    Hi, hopefully this isn't question overload:

    1. Is is permissible to use a puck/pico in a commercial product as long as I mention that it uses it?
    2. Is it possible to change a Puck's bluetooth broadcasting name to an arbitrary string?
    3. Is it possible to prevent the puck from broadcasting its name, but allow connections using its MAC/Name/ whatever?
    4. What is the range on a Puck?
    5. For question 1 + 2, if they can't be done on a puck, could the be done with a Pico using a bluetooth shim+MC?
    6. Would a pico with bluetooth have a longer range?

    I've got a project in mind that is slowly crystallising, but I want to understand limitations before I dive in.

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    I'm making a compass, with an LED that indicates when you're facing north