Free trip to Maker Faire Rome?

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  • Hi everyone,

    Fancy a free trip to Maker Faire Rome (if you're in the EU)?

    ST are running a competition here:­0762

    Basically you have to use one of their Nucleo or Discovery boards, but it can be running Espruino. So the Nucleo F401, F411, and the STM32F4Discovery would all be good choices.

    If you have a project that you've done with an ST Nucleo/discovery board you could submit it as-is... Otherwise if you've done it with an Espruino board there's a good chance you could get one of the above discovery boards (they're cheap), put Espruino on it and port your project to it.

    I wouldn't normally plug the ST demo boards because I like people to buy the Espruino ones - but in this case ST are paying for me to come to Maker Faire Rome too :) I have it on good authority they haven't had many submissions yet, and they like things that light up and/or move.

  • Hi All;
    In response to the above; for some reason the link the nightly builds seems not to be working anymore. Likewise with Drazzy's 401 and 411 nightly builds; I cannot find anything past 3 June 2015 for those. I am probably just looking in the wrong place. There are always the v80 builds.
    Chris Z


    Gordon now doesn't bump the version numbers until the release (as I understand it), so the builds that are between v80 and v81 are v80.xx

    The change in the naming around the v80 release fucked up the alphabetic organization of the pages.
    Scroll down till you see the v80.xx builds, the v80.83 is the latest.

    Also, thanks to the new naming, I don't have to blindly make a new build every night; a new build is only made when the minor version is bumped (that saves me disk space, since I don't have piles of identical binaries sitting there.

    Once v81 is released, the alphabetization will be okay, since the most recent ones will be on top again.

  • Ahh, you mean the link on the download page to - this one?

    Presumably he gave up running it :(

    @DrAzzy, do you think you could add a landing page that linked to NucleoF401/F411/etc - and I'll stick that on the download page instead.

  • What do you mean by a landing page?

  • well, just a page that says:

    • NucleoF401 ->­hp
    • NucleoF411 ->­hp
    • and any others you might have? You have the bigrams as well don't you?

    By the way, I don't think the Pico bigram will be that much use any more now the main one gives you more RAM?

  • Uh, like ?

    How can the main one provide more RAM now? Isn't it still limited to the 48k the chip is spec'ed at, whereas bigram uses the "extra" 16?

  • Ahh, sorry - I meant for the Pico. Yes, you're right about the BigRam build for the original board.

    Ahh - I saw that main page but was looking at the cyan box in the middle and didn't see the links down the left hand side :)

  • Hm, I'll add a second set of links to the middle of the page.

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Free trip to Maker Faire Rome?

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