• As I had mentioned when I first joined this forum-I come-more or less-from the hardware side of things-especially embedded. What I am finally seeing is the marriage of software on the embedded or microcontroller side along with the software of the PC-mostly but not all(in the multiple browsers or IDE's on a PC that talks an interpreter aboard the small embedded board(Espruino/Tessel. The following article (especially the end where the Espruino is talked about a lot and points where we are evolving to really fast! Extreme fascinating information for those so inclined!


  • Thanks - the author tweeted that article, but I'm sure a few here have missed it.

    It's a really interesting article...

    It's kind of a shame that some people think that because Espruino isn't 100% compatible, you can't use any existing code (and that putting a less efficient but more complete JS engine like Duktape on the same uC will somehow make it better).

    I guess we'll just have to wait until someone actually tries to make a product (I know there have been a few Duktape ports) and finds out that getting a nice programming environment on a uC is a lot more difficult than spending a weekend shoehorning a JS engine into it :)

  • Had not seen this before the post here, interesting article for those who need an update :) Excellent that it mentions Espruino as well. I've tapped into - and ran a few open source projects, but this is my all time favorite and @Gordon is my hero ;)

    FWIW I chose Espruino because of the clever low-memory 'from source parse' idea. Plus the fact that the source code is really easy to read and understand. On top of all this, the project is very open to contributions!

    The only time I've ever had issues with 'not being 100% compatible' was when I tried to use a framework for functional programming that I've written. Espruino did not support Function.length at the time, so I added it and it got accepted and merged within 20 minutes! Crazy!

  • Thanks! It really helps when people report back the problems they're having - even better when they fix it :)

    I've got the test262 tests running with Espruino now, so hopefully when I get some free time I can polish off a lot of the compatibility issues.

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A most interesting article with much mention of Gordon Williams at end of article! (Must read!)

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