Support for STM32 Nucleo?

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  • Hi ac413,

    So it worth to note that you should rebuild the .bin from the github deposit.

    I changed a few lines that makes it work very correctly now for the Nucleo-401RE.

    If you can test, I will push to my github the required files for the NucleoF411RE.
    The flash size and pinout of those Nucleo-F4x1RE boards are exactly the same.
    It is just a matter of memory sizes and frequencies of processor, so I think it won't break anything.

    To build your own .bin you need to launch a terminal from ubuntu and type:

     # change to your local git cloned directory
    cd ~/Espruino
     # make the expruino firmware
    NUCLEOF411RE=1 make
     # flash it to the Nucleo board
    cp espruino_*_nucleof411re.bin /media/your user/NUCLEO
  • Hello again,

    Looking at, I found that there are 2 others boards that could accept Espruino:
    NUCLEO-L152RE and NUCLEO-F303RE (apparently not yet available but described in the DM105918.pdf flyer).

    However those boards won't have as much computational power as the F4x1RE boards and their pinouts/memory size, general IO functionnalities will be also fairly different.

    For instance the Nucleo-F152RE has :

    1. 2 DACs which is not available at all on the F4x1,
    2. 32 Mhz only, this could be interesting in low power case
    3. 80 Kb of SRAM which is less interesting.

    So, it could become a whole set of boards.

  • @ac413 thanks for the update! I honestly wasn't expecting that - a friend had tried to compile something for the 411 and it had failed :(

  • Now, we have a bin file dedicated to the Nucleo-F411RE board.
    If you can test it and report me any problem, I fix it!

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  • Tested. I works well! The st-link programming error is gone. Blink code works and saves correctly. Now the 2 best Nucleo boards are supported. Thanks!

  • Hi! Is the f411 'Officially' supported yet/almost? I am brand new to most stuff here and just downloaded 1v71 and saw the f401 bin, but not the f411...
    I wanted to play with the Nucleo boards anyhow and got an F401 Nucleo to tide me over until my 10 Picos arrived, and managed to also buy an F411 by accident (at $10.33, it's a bargain, so I decided to not return it; seems once you hit the purchase button at Mouser, even if you call them, it's difficult to get them to change the order).

  • Hello @Manxome,

    Well, the decision is 'officially' supporting a non Espruino board is quite clear: No!
    Only Espruino boards are officially supported.

    Now, I, definitely, can test and debug Espruino embedded in a Nucleo-F401RE board, since, I own one, and do intend to make a useful application out of it.

    Have a look at the joined file, 2 posts ahead of yours.
    There is a very alpha status for the Nucleo-F411RE 1.72 Espruino and @ac413 seems quite satisfied of it.

    The goal of ST was to produce pin/pin replaceable MCUs.
    However, there are still internal differences between each family, or even MCU's precise references. It does not simplify the changes to do as a few changes in the parametric figures in *.py board's definition file.
    So I think you should not expect every detailed functionality to work unless you actually helped to debug it.

  • OK, I used the wrong word, mea culpa :)
    Was more referring to it being listing on the "Other Boards" page ("Unofficially Supported Boards"), and the bin file being included in the zip download. I saw the file above of course, that is what prompted my question.
    It has been about 12 years since I programmed in Javascript and wanted to get my feet wet whilst waiting for my Espruino Picos. I barely know how to do anything yet, but if I can eventually help debug it, of course I will.
    Thanks for the reply!

  • At some point I will put the F411 on that page (if the binary is working properly). Until it's working well I probably won't though - it'll just mean that people get the board, expect Espruino to work, and then come to the forum :)

  • Got it! Thanks.

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Support for STM32 Nucleo?

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