Using Espruino with an amplifier?

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  • Hi,

    I'm new to Javascript, and programming with analog signals.

    I'm wondering if it's possible to hook the Espruino up to a amplifier (or the amplifier volume controls, and input / output switches), and control the amplifier via the Espruino board?

    Is this possible by sending the correct analog signals? Or am I talking complete rubbish?

    Thanks for any help / advice :)


  • Hi Josh,

    Yes, you could use the analogs to change the volume, but you'll need some extra components (like FETs). Realistically it's probably not the best way.

    You may be better off with a specially designed chip - see­-audio-volume-potentiometer-ds1807/ (or the manufacturer's page:­/index.mvp/id/2782)

    You can connect that up to Espruino with 2 wires, and then connect your left and right audio through it - I don't think you need any extra components apart from maybe 2 resistors for the I2C.

    As far as switching audio around, you could connect up some relays (we'll try and cover this in our documentation), or there are probably similar chips to the one above that handle switching multiple audio sources as well.

    Of course if you wanted to control your amplifier without wiring much up externally then you could always use servo motors to move knobs on the front panel (if it's old) or even make a fake IR remote control (if it's newer).

  • Okay, getting an idea of how to accomplish this now, thanks :).

    Am I better of trying to explain the situation?

    I've got rooms with speakers, which are all fed back to one room. I'd like to hook all the speakers into 1 amplifier.

    I also have a server with a program I've written, which allows me to play music via Wifi - The audio output of this will be connected to the amplifier above.

    Then using the Espruino I'd like to control the amplifier, and change which rooms the music plays from :).

    Hope this makes sense ! I presumed the amplifier would just be a simple switch, so I could just fire a analog or digital 'on' or 'off' from the Espruino to the amplifer switches.

    Sounds a lot more complicated than that :S

  • Ok, so you mean a standard consumer amp? Does it have outputs for lots of speakers - or just two, and you want to switch the speakers in and out?

    It depends on your amp really - if the amp will do everything you need (and it's just a matter of controlling it remotely) then faking the infra-red remote control is probably a really nice easy thing to do...

  • It'll have outputs for lots of speakers (there's 6 rooms), the server will be providing the audio input, I just need the Espruino to flick the output switches :)

    Thanks for the help, given me lots of food for thought !

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Using Espruino with an amplifier?

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