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    It'll have outputs for lots of speakers (there's 6 rooms), the server will be providing the audio input, I just need the Espruino to flick the output switches :)

    Thanks for the help, given me lots of food for thought !

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    Okay, getting an idea of how to accomplish this now, thanks :).

    Am I better of trying to explain the situation?

    I've got rooms with speakers, which are all fed back to one room. I'd like to hook all the speakers into 1 amplifier.

    I also have a server with a program I've written, which allows me to play music via Wifi - The audio output of this will be connected to the amplifier above.

    Then using the Espruino I'd like to control the amplifier, and change which rooms the music plays from :).

    Hope this makes sense ! I presumed the amplifier would just be a simple switch, so I could just fire a analog or digital 'on' or 'off' from the Espruino to the amplifer switches.

    Sounds a lot more complicated than that :S

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    I'm new to Javascript, and programming with analog signals.

    I'm wondering if it's possible to hook the Espruino up to a amplifier (or the amplifier volume controls, and input / output switches), and control the amplifier via the Espruino board?

    Is this possible by sending the correct analog signals? Or am I talking complete rubbish?

    Thanks for any help / advice :)