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  • It has never made sense to me what the rationale is for which documents show up in "Tutorials and Projects" and which show up in "Code Examples" - code examples, for example, has module information, descriptions of how to use peripherals and common libraries, and a few simple examples.

    IMO, we should have all the tutorials and simple examples in one section - maybe the same section as the stuff currently under Code Examples -> Peripherals and Tasks (since both of these are mainly of interest to people new to Espruino), and have the other section dedicated to interfacing with specific hardware - so it'd have the modules, plus the documentation for devices that aren't worth a module (like the ULN2003).

    Also, on a somewhat related note, I think a link to a general electronics basics primer (probably off-site) would be useful to people who are just getting into electronics, that would cover concepts like polarity, volts/amps/watts, resistors, diodes, capacitors, etc. I don't have a place in mind to recommend, though.

  • Thanks... Yes, I'll try and look at it next week. It is a bit confusing at the moment...

  • A lot of good and interesting things have been done for Espruino.
    But who knows ?
    If you take a look to Espruino Pages, you will not recognize any remarkable change.
    There is no "whats new", no "upcomin features", interesting folders(binaries, modules, ..) don't have a link, lots of pages are the same since 2012 and don't reflect major changes, link to store is in the hidden part at the end of startpage, etc.etc..
    Espruino is a big and powerful tool. Development and support, everything technical, is absolutely great.
    It would deserve(needs) better presentation to become a commercial success.

  • Thanks - 'what's new' is a great idea. As you say it's not immediately obvious from the website that so much is actually changing all the time.

  • It would be also nice to see the last release version somewhere on the homepage. To have a short view, when a new version is released. At the moment i have to look in the binaries folder (it works, but not everyone know that).

    Maybe the logo can include the last release version. So everyone can see it on every site.

  • @possmann there's either or

    Do you use the Web IDE? For most users I wouldn't have thought it was a big issue, as the next time they start the Web IDE it'll tell them?

  • I don't know if this is a big issue for other people, but for me it's a part of user experience. On most project pages you can find in the header of the page the current version or a little eyecatcher. From this view, i guess it would be an improvment, to present the release much more prominent.

    And please, this issue has a low priority! Other things are much more important...

  • I haven't been noticing the WebIDE notification that new firmware is available - I'm not sure if that's because I'm just not noticing it, or whether there's been some regression in the IDE. Either way, I don't think it's something that will reliably result in people knowing when new releases are out.

    I think an announcement somewhere for each new release would be a good thing (maybe rename the Blog link (everyone ignores "blogs" afaik) and post an update there?). I frequently don't know there's a new release until I do my own build and am like "Woah, the version number jumped, I guess there was a release?"

  • Strange... Do you not get that yellow icon in the top-right of the IDE when you connect?

    Yes, I need more of an 'announcements' section... And I know - I never get around to posting much in the blogs section. In a way it'd be better if I could just link to forum posts - and at least people can easily reply and discuss whatever the announcement was.

  • DrAzzy, I too thought a small page that functioned as an electronics basics primer would be most helpful. Since I'm a newbie, I didn't know what I didn't know until I started doing stuff, and realized that there was a huge amount of knowledge and equipment that I needed in order to get anything accomplished.

    I took a first pass at a primer for as a page for this site, and will do a pull request in the next day or two to see if anyone has any opinions on it's value.

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Espruino site organization

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