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  • It has never made sense to me what the rationale is for which documents show up in "Tutorials and Projects" and which show up in "Code Examples" - code examples, for example, has module information, descriptions of how to use peripherals and common libraries, and a few simple examples.

    IMO, we should have all the tutorials and simple examples in one section - maybe the same section as the stuff currently under Code Examples -> Peripherals and Tasks (since both of these are mainly of interest to people new to Espruino), and have the other section dedicated to interfacing with specific hardware - so it'd have the modules, plus the documentation for devices that aren't worth a module (like the ULN2003).

    Also, on a somewhat related note, I think a link to a general electronics basics primer (probably off-site) would be useful to people who are just getting into electronics, that would cover concepts like polarity, volts/amps/watts, resistors, diodes, capacitors, etc. I don't have a place in mind to recommend, though.

  • DrAzzy, I too thought a small page that functioned as an electronics basics primer would be most helpful. Since I'm a newbie, I didn't know what I didn't know until I started doing stuff, and realized that there was a huge amount of knowledge and equipment that I needed in order to get anything accomplished.

    I took a first pass at a primer for as a page for this site, and will do a pull request in the next day or two to see if anyone has any opinions on it's value.


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