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  • Using a smartwatch dedicated to runners gave me the idea of building a set of apps that would work hand in hand to provide a "unified experience" for runners. I describe it, in case someone would be happy to work on it. I may try, but it may start only next year, and take 6 to 12 months before I get any kind of close to a result !

    • The app would have a 1st time opening menu (later accessible in settings) and ask for max heart rate, or gender and date of birth (to approximate max hr) to calculate hr zones.
    • The run/run+ app could be revamped to offer more customization. Customizing "boxes" is great, adding the possibility to add customizable screens (accessible by swipes) would be awesome, with the possibility of including the "rep" app. And also have a screen for the "invisible running buddy" : set his pace, and during the run, there's a screen to display how much you're ahead or behind the set pace.
    • Also, the "a pace" (immediate pace) of the run app, is virtually useless in real condition. It would provide much more valuable information if it was averaged every 2 seconds to give the average pace over the last 3 seconds. In garmin it's rounded by lots of 5 seconds per kilometers (ie: 5:25/km, 5:30/km, 5:35/km). More precise than that during the run is too much. Still happy to get precise data, but after the race.
    • A gamification aspect of the runs. It should store some categories of records and things people would be happy to try to beat (can be creative here: best minimum hr for 5 kms, fastest km, fastest cadence over a duration of time,...).
    • An app to see running performances with different metrics.
      Might need much more time than 1 year...

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