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  • I just checked a board here and that missing component is expected. The board looks pretty good as you say, no signs of issues - although just where the button PCB plug is, at the top edge of it (by the IFXI text) the pads on the PCB look a big dull (although that could just be lighting) - I guess you could try a clean.

    How old is the watch?

    The button itself shorts the wire to ground, with it being pulled up to 3.3v via an internal pullup in the chip itself (the value of which can't be changed). If it were possible to add an external pullup resistor with a stronger value that'd likely fix it, but I'm afraid I can't see any easy way to attach one as I can't find a testpoint for the button

    There is a vanishingly small chance that the unpopulated component you found could be an optional pullup resistor, but I doubt it - and i'm afraid I don't have a PCB schematic so I can't check


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