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  • This problem hit me today, my Bangle2 is in a bootloop now as well. I was wearing it in the morning, than it set on my desk. When I returned in the afternoon it was doing the bootloop.
    For some reason I could break the cycle when putting it on the charger. I did a reflash of 2v19, but I did not work. I also could do a factory reset quickly, but didn't help either.

    The button does not feel physically stuck and is still clicking. The watch never saw any water except maybe a raindrop today.

    I also could quickly perform a

    >(new Pin(BTN1)).read();

    which returned true.

    Not sure what is going on, but this is now the 3rd watch (original + 2 replacements) that died for me for some reason or another. I'm not being mad at anyone, just a bit frustrated. :-(

    I will let it run down the battery and see if this cures itself.

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