• One thing to watch out for is StorageFile can't contain char code 255 so you can't just use normal encryption.

    It's not just GPS but I guess there might be other personal info (QR codes, received messages, etc).

    What about extending Gadgetbridge and the app loader to allow it to work with E.setPassword? - http://www.espruino.com/Reference#l_E_se­tPassword (setPassword would have to be in the .bootrst file so it's always run)

  • I've been thinking about this more and like the idea of setPassword - my plan would be something like:

    • In padlock.boot.js:
      • Read padlock.setting.json for the password
      • Call E.setPassword(password) (and E.lockConsole())
    • Only allow padlock.setting.json to be set from the apploader / IDE
      • (If the password is setable from the settings app, anyone with physical access can unlock the watch)

    Is there any existing standard setup for adding this into .bootrst ? I don't see any apps using it at the moment so I was going to generate it from all the <app>.bootrst.js files, if that sounds like a plan?

    How cautious should I be with this file btw? Could I potentially brick my watch if I accidentally raise an exception or break BLE connections here?


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