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  • Transition animation app

    • App that hooks into load() or Bangle.load() in some way.
    • It would:
      1. dump the on screen graphics of current app to some graphics object.
      2. start sliding that graphics dump off to one of the screen edges
      3. a colourful background is revealed.
      4. in the meantime the next app is written to off-screen buffer.
      5. that off-screen buffer is dumped into another graphics object.
      6. that graphics object is slided on screen.
      7. the next app is showing and interactible.

    Please comment on the feasibility of this and possible alternate solutions.

  • I expect it to be a bit slow but copying current screen content into buffer, showing that as static overlay and then just waiting until the load is done before sliding the overlay buffer away like the hidden widgets do could work. Of course that would only work for fastloaded apps since there is no easy way for keeping display contents over a normal load. This would mean only one full screen extra buffer and no switching buffers around without the app knowing.


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