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  • I'm afraid I can't replace the watch for free - it's now over 18 months old, and while I have been replacing them up to a year (even though it seems most companies only do 6 months) I just can't afford to keep doing it past then, especially on something like the KickStarter where the profit margins aren't very good in the first place.

    What I have been saying though is if someone bought a watch and it broke, regardless of how old it is I can give you a code for the shop to buy a new one half price which is pretty much at cost for me.

    Although it is possible that by pushing the button gently and moving your finger around in circles you can bring it back to life, or you can connect with the Web IDE and type load() on the left-hand side to reload the Bangle's watch face without a button, so even without the button it could still be used as a temperature/pressure sensor or display of some kind - however unfortunately if it runs out of power or is turned off, there won't be a way to get it working again.


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