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  • Sorry to hear this - there was a 1 year warranty on the KickStarter watches but I'm afraid we're way past that now.

    You my be able to fix it if you're up for a bit of a challenge - you need to warm up the front glass (but not past 100 degrees C or it'll kill the LCD) and then the glue loosens and you can pull it off with a suction cup. It's been suggested the easiest method is to use the heated bed of a 3D printer if you have one or have access to one.

    After that, it might just be that the button PCB has pushed up, and you can just push it back down - or I just received a few replacement button PCBs here that you might be able to use.

    Unfortunately doing that will almost certainly break the waterproofing on your Bangle...

    The other option is when folks have had problems with an out of warranty Bangle, I've been offering a brand new one at half price - so we could do that if you wanted.

    @fritzfritz sorry you had troubles - you removed your original post so I don't know what the issue was, but generally it's helpful if you can give us a chance to try and help fix your problems before contacting the distributor.

  • I'm definitely up for repairing it and will have a go at removing the front glass with my printer's heated bed. Thanks Gordon.


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