• I don't know for sure but I think it is not there, here is photo of the back https://ibb.co/pjHdsYN This is the device I got initially from you and runs Espruino, I have another one bought directly from SMA (later in the same year) still running original firmware. Both are probably same old "pre-kickstarter" models without hole and older VC31.

    So you don't see it when trying two devices - one with Espruino with Heart Rate Monitor (v0.11) app and one with SMA firmware on each hand?

  • The picture is too blurry, but either you have the protective film or the window is very scratched. It happened to me that I used it without peeling it for my first run. About the revision of the device, mine is from January 2023, so maybe that's the cause of the discrepancy. Gordon, is it possible that the proprietary firmware for VC31 and VC31B should be different?


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