• ok. Just been out and done 6000 steps, before getting back in the car.
    Before I left I rebooted both watches to reset the step count to zero

    First 2000 steps, watch 1 on left, watch 2 on right - both within 100 steps
    The reset watch 2
    Second 2000 steps, watch 1 on left, watch 2 on right upside down - both within 100 steps
    Then reset watch 2
    Third 2000 steps, watch 1 on left, watch 2 on left upside down - both within 200 steps

    Which firmware are you using ? Install the firmware clock_info and you can see it via the Lato clock. There was an issue with some Bangles having a DC offset but this was fixed a while ago. Unless you are on realy old firmware you should not see that issue.

    Are you saying you definitely only recorded 20 steps when looking at the step count in Lato (which uses the clock_info and reads direct from the step count Bangle.getHealthStatus("day").steps). I was a bit confused by the three ... after the numbers.

    I would not expect the GadgetBridge step count to reflect total steps unless you have been carrying round your phone all the time. See


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