• Ok, thanks - please keep me updated.

    I'm pretty sure nothing has changed there recently - when it was done there were 2 codepaths, one for Programmable:true and one for :false, so maybe if you had Programmable:false on your watch you might have run the different (possibly not as well tested) code?

  • I think everything is working fine. It is just that I had forgotten that when you connect through the IDE you get `> bluetooth' displayed on the screen regardless of the log setting and that whilst connected to the IDE the console.log output goes to the IDE and not to the log, this is why I was not seeing anything in the log when I viewed it through the IDE.

    I'm wanting to use this to track down a hang I get in the Lato clock when I am using lots of clock_info's. The hang is rare. I suspect it mostly happens when I been using the sunrise clock_info, but I dont yet have a provable test case. A short button reset causing the clock to reload and everything is fine again. Its as if the clock timer does not get restarted. I'm now trying out with simplest++ as that is smallest clock code that supports clock_info's.


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