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  • I use polar H10. Very happy with it together with bangle.

    It additionally can provide real ECG Data, HRV, Accelerometer.
    There is already a bangle App for HRV.
    Not yet for ECG and ACC, but that would be not very difficult.
    So far I record this with an non-cloud Android app (the original polar is cloud only)
    The H10 is able to send Bluetooth to 2 receivers at the same time (eg bangle and phone or workout machines) but I didn't use this so far because its difficult to activate without polar cloud.

  • I got the Polar H10, which apps do you use for ECG analysis, Jukka Happonen's? Is Polar's SDK open source? Could EGC and the 2 Bluetooth devices support be implemented with open source? Any source of documentation would be appreciated.


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