• I noticed that the display on LCD clock when stopwatch clock_info is running is quite stuttering, freezing approx once every second (probably the main clock redraw).

    Also after 60 seconds the format switches to 01m00s etc.
    This makes the size of the text on the LCD clock almost unreadable.

    I think the sub second part is overkill. If I wanted sub-second accuracy I would use a proper stopwatch that was ergonmically designed to be clicked easily etc.

    the nmber format would be better as 0 to 59 for the first 59 seconds, then 1:01 to 1:59 to 59:59 to 1:00:00 etc etc. That way the h, m, s letters inside the format are not needed and the length of the string is kept short for situations like LCD clock.

    I have done a PR.

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