• Yes, this is something that's been on my list of stuff to do for a while. It's possible there is already an issue open for it somewhere?

    But yes, it should be possible to just add the code into the App Loader itself, so Gadgetbridge doesn't even need changing. I think rather than trying to pull in a terminal, it would make a lot of sense just to extend the Web IDE relay so you get all the Web IDE features.

    However the thing that's holding me back is I'd prefer to redo the IDE relay using Peer.js (WebRTC) as I feel like it'd be a lot neater/safer than using the espruino.com servers, and we could even enable video streaming - which would be really handy if for instance someone wanted to help a friend, and the plan was to add a QR code too so there was no need for code entry.

    I have a proof of concept here, and when it's working nicely I'll get it in - and hopefully then integrating it into the App Loader would be pretty easy.

  • That sounds great.

    So would this mean you would be able to open a console when connected to the App loader ?
    And therefore as the App Loader is integrated into GadgetBridge you would just then navigate to the console through the App Loader UI.


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