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  • Am i missing something or still a glitch in the software?

    Ok, sorry - yes, it looks like there's still some problem in the Gadgetbridge Android app :(

    So - you can go 'Activity and Sleep', then scroll right over and click on 'Live Activity' and this then works (albeit the default update interval for 'live' updates is really slow). I have fixed this for the next Gadgetbridge release though.

    However looking at the code in Gadgetbridge, it seems someone added that live HRM measurement icon in a really broken way - it has never worked for Bangle.js (or I imagine most other watches) since the icon was added.

    I was going to try and implement it, but it's broken enough that after you click the button there's no way to even turn the HRM off when you close the window... so for now I have just removed the icon.


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