• I was working on adjustments on the messagesgui app, and I thought I messed up the settings for messages on my branch, but .... ended up doing a factory reset and re-install everything from the official bangle apps , and I still get an error when going to Settings->apps -> messages .
    Is it just me ?

    Error message is : Messages: Invalid settings! BTN1 to go back

    I'm on firmware 2v16 ,
    Possible relevant installed apps:
    Android integration 0.19 , Messages Grid Widget 0.04, Messages 0.58, Message Widget 0.03, Message UI 0.63

  • I don't get the error message, am on fw 2v16.45.

    Maybe Settings->Utils->Rewrite setting could be worth a try?

    Also, having the grid widget as well as the standard widget seem at least redundant? Could they conflict in some way? I tried having both installed and still no error for me though.


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