Text messages dismiss keeps them in Messages

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  • Hello, great work again on the bangle! My Garmin Fenix 6 is sitting unused since I got the bangle2 :D.

    Though, I find the following behaviour annoying: When I get text messages, if I interact with them (dismiss, or check) , they are still in the messages widget, the only way of getting rid of them is 'delete' or 'delete all'.
    It's fine if everyone else likes this behaviour, but I'd like to remove the message from the watch if I tapped dismiss, or the checkmark(or just the checkmark to 'delete' the message). Am I missing a setting for this?
    If not, I've been looking in the code and I have not seen anything special for 'text' messages, I've got no idea from where I could start to implement what I want. Any pointers ?


  • Hi,

    I'm not entirely sure, but I think you might want to look at adding some of whats in the function for the delete button below line #225 to both/either of the code following "msg.positive" or "msg.negative" following line #301 in the app.js file for Message UI.

  • These do seem obvious now, but I'm not familiar with the codebase.
    Thanks a bunch!

  • I was working on adjustments on the messagesgui app, and I thought I messed up the settings for messages on my branch, but .... ended up doing a factory reset and re-install everything from the official bangle apps , and I still get an error when going to Settings->apps -> messages .
    Is it just me ?

    Error message is : Messages: Invalid settings! BTN1 to go back

    I'm on firmware 2v16 ,
    Possible relevant installed apps:
    Android integration 0.19 , Messages Grid Widget 0.04, Messages 0.58, Message Widget 0.03, Message UI 0.63

  • I don't get the error message, am on fw 2v16.45.

    Maybe Settings->Utils->Rewrite setting could be worth a try?

    Also, having the grid widget as well as the standard widget seem at least redundant? Could they conflict in some way? I tried having both installed and still no error for me though.

  • Updated firm to bleeding edge v2. 16.45.
    Did utils rewrite settings.
    Removed messages grid widget(left the default one).
    Did another rewrite settings.

    Still getting that error. :|
    Ok, let's say I messed something up, but what I don't get is how come factory reset did not help.
    How could I debug this?

  • Some ideas:

    • Have you seen if there are any error messages in the console field if you are connected to the Web IDE?

    • Uninstall everything that has to do with messages via app loader. Then look in the storage via Web IDE to see if there's something left still. If so report back here and delete it. Try installing messages again. Maybe uninstall the settings app at the same time and make sure all related files are deleted for it as well.

    • Do a factory reset again, use the development app loader via another browser or device in case there's something weird going on with casheing/cookies between instances of the app loader.

    • I could also provide a backup from my bangle for you to restore. If all else fails I think that should fix it. Make a backup yourself before restoring in that case.

    1. No error messages in console.
    2. Removed all messages related apps, no left over messages files anywhere, checked in ide.
      Reinstalled messages, settings menu working now.
      Really weird that a factory reset did not help.
      Now I'll re-review my code changes and upload the app again, I'll see if settings break again, hopefully not!

    Thanks! Happy New Year!

  • About the original issue (a clarification). Is this about SMS? I'm asking, because I've been seeing an issue with SMS notifications that might be related.

    First, with all other notifications I'm not seeing any issues. Pressing the checkmark marks the message as read and keeps it in the messages app, while pressing the X dismisses it and removes it from the app (and sometimes also from the phone, depending on the app). But, with regular text messages (SMS) the message is never removed from the app on the watch. Not even when dismissing the notification from the phone. A manual delete is required...

  • Exactly, that's what I meant by 'text', sms. Shoud of been more clear. I'm currently working on doing the delete for sms, but need time to finish it

  • Hi - just checking - is this for Gadgetbridge, or iOS?

    It might be that iOS handles messages differently and we'd need to explicitly remove them from our list

  • Gadgetbridge. In short, needind to delete sms after i have confirmed/checked it is annoying. Sms is not dismissed on watch or on phone unless I delete it from the watch. In my initial go of deleting on confirm i messed something up, i need to revisit what i implemented and see start was wrong, but tight on time lately....

  • @Gordon opened a somewhat adjacent issue for discussion on github. It's not exactly about what you're doing here, @rnist, but about those buttons nonetheless.

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Text messages dismiss keeps them in Messages

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