• I selected to upload all constellations

    Is this for Bangle.js 2? If so you may be having the opposite effect to what you intend. For instance by enabling just GPS you're actually freeing up more computation in the GPS receiver so you can get a fix more quickly.

    is there a way to upload the the AGPS data programmatically using the assistedgps code?

    You need to get it from the internet - but if you check out the AGPS app, it can do that via Gadgetbridge

  • @Gordon yes it's for Bangle.js 2. I'm trying every day with different configurations and this morning I've tried uploading GPS data only and I still got 17-19 mins for the first fix.

    • Do you have any suggestions? I'm in Italy if it can help. BTW
    • Is there a way to erase the AGPS data to perform cold start tests more quickly without waiting a day or so?

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