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    @Gordon yes it's for Bangle.js 2. I'm trying every day with different configurations and this morning I've tried uploading GPS data only and I still got 17-19 mins for the first fix.

    • Do you have any suggestions? I'm in Italy if it can help. BTW
    • Is there a way to erase the AGPS data to perform cold start tests more quickly without waiting a day or so?
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    @Gordon I upload exactly using the "assistedgps" app. My procedure is as follows:

    • Upload the AGPS data
    • Start my monitoring program (which simply enables GPS and prints location)

    Despite that it takes a lot to get the first fix (I selected to upload all constellations).
    Btw, is there a way to upload the the AGPS data programmatically using the assistedgps code?

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    Hi everyone! Experiencing the same issue here.
    I upload the AGPS data but still it takes at least 7/10 minutes to get the first fix. Anyone experiencing the same issue despite the upload?
    @myxor did you notice a pattern?