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  • So, earlier today I updated my Bangle.js1 to the latest firmware version (2v16).
    Strangely enough, all my apps were deleted from the watch except 'settings'.
    I simply did a 'erase all apps' followed by 'install favourite apps'. All was well again. At least apparently.
    After some minutes I realized I was getting notifications on my phone, but my bangle.js did not vibrate. I checked the settings, and vibration was set to ":".
    I went to gadgetbridge debug, and here is the deal. If I send a test notification, the widget area blinks, but I get no notification. Going to the 'messages' app, the notifications are there! I can delete them and interact with them as I normally would.
    I also noticed that the message icon does appear when I enter the settings menu.
    I have tried to erase all apps again, and reinstall them, but the issue persists.
    Could this be a firmware update issue?
    I think I have all message related apps installed on my bangle.js:

    • Android integration
    • Messages
    • Messages UI
    • Message widget

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks.


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