Android notifications misbehaving

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  • So, earlier today I updated my Bangle.js1 to the latest firmware version (2v16).
    Strangely enough, all my apps were deleted from the watch except 'settings'.
    I simply did a 'erase all apps' followed by 'install favourite apps'. All was well again. At least apparently.
    After some minutes I realized I was getting notifications on my phone, but my bangle.js did not vibrate. I checked the settings, and vibration was set to ":".
    I went to gadgetbridge debug, and here is the deal. If I send a test notification, the widget area blinks, but I get no notification. Going to the 'messages' app, the notifications are there! I can delete them and interact with them as I normally would.
    I also noticed that the message icon does appear when I enter the settings menu.
    I have tried to erase all apps again, and reinstall them, but the issue persists.
    Could this be a firmware update issue?
    I think I have all message related apps installed on my bangle.js:

    • Android integration
    • Messages
    • Messages UI
    • Message widget

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

  • Sorry, I think this is an issue with the apps caused by a recent messages update.

    It was fixed yesterday evening in the development app loader, but hasn't been pushed to the main app loader yet - but I'll do that now...

  • I updated my BangleJS2 to Message v0.58 and Message Widget v0.03. When I send a test using BangleJS Gadgetbridge 0.71.2a I only have the message widget showing up, no vibration and it doesn't auto-open to show the notification's content.

    My current clock is CalClock, if that makes any difference.

    Vibrate: ::
    Vibrate for calls: ===
    Repeat: 4s
    Vibrate timer: 60s
    Unread timer: 30s
    Min Font: Small
    Auto-Open Music: [_]
    Unlock Watch: [x]
    Flash Icon: [_]
    Quiet mode disables auto-open: [x]
    Disable auto-open: [_]
    Widget messages: 1
    Icon color mode: color

  • Whoa, that was fast, @Gordon! Thank you!
    There is definitely some improvement after updating the apps (Messages 0.58 , Message Widget 0.03, Message UI 0.62). Now I get an icon whenever a new message arrives. However, the Bangle.js still does not vibrate, despite being configured to do so in the settings. So I guess it is the ssame as with @m-p{3}?

    I was able to get notifications fully working by replacing "Message UI 0.62" with "Messages Light 1.3". Switching to "Message List 0.01" has the same behavior as with "Message UI 0.62", so that might be a clue to what these two have in common and differ from "Messages Light".

  • What clock do you have installed? Maybe it's one that didn't support fast loading and that's why it's different to what I see here? I just tried on aclock and I can reproduce this...

    Sorry about this - I merged some changes to the messages handling to split it out so it can be extended more easily and it looks like they broke a bunch of stuff :(

    If you update messagesgui now from the development app loader I'd hope that would properly fix it this time

  • I'm currently using "Vector Clock 0.09". I will try the developer channel's version of messageui as soon as I can, and provide feedback (likely tonight).
    It's OK in my book to make some breaking changes so things improve in the long run. I'm happy to help making them better. =-)

  • I updated messagegui to v.0.63 and notifications are now opening the app and the watch vibrates once loaded.

  • Confirming that updating to messageui v0.63 did solve the issue.

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Android notifications misbehaving

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