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    I'll try to take a look at the code, but being a python dev and not usually being very concerned with memory usage, I'm not sure I can be of much help. Still, I'll do my best. _-)

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    Ok! If the issue ever crops up again I'll be sure to run that in the IDE and post the contents here.
    Thank you for all the help and responsiveness!

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    Woha. removing "Torch" solved the issue. I was not aware keeping a shortcut in memory would make such a difference!

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    I have 17 apps installed:

    Settings (v0.27)
    Default alarm (v0.11)
    Vertical Watch face (v0.09)
    Torch (v0.02)
    Planetarium (v0.03)
    Notifications (v0.08)
    Heart Rate Monitor (v0.04)
    Heart Rate Recorder (v0.05)
    Gadgetbridge (v0.22)
    Gadgetbridge Music Controls (v0.05)
    BangleRun (v0.10)
    Active Pedometer (v0.09)
    GPS Recorder (v0.22)
    Kitchen Combo (v0.12)
    Launcher (Default) (v0.06)
    RPG dice (v0.02)
    Bootloader (v0.28)

    Maybe one of these takes up further memory?

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    Unfortunately I can't seem to find a way to reliably reproduce the issue. But indeed, the one time it did happen, it was as @Sander mentioned. The memory errors were triggered, and boom - storage was broken. Unfortunately, I have reset the apps on the Bangle.js and cannot run any further debug code.
    But if you leave your suggestions here I can run them on the IDE next time this eventually happens. Unless the files I left on the other thread were sufficient.

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    Confirming that changing settings and going back to the clock face no longer causes a redraw after updating to bootloader v0.28!
    Thank you, @Gordon !

    I could however be wrong - so if you can reproduce some big memory usage issues please let me know how to reproduce with as minimal steps as possible and I can look into fixing it.

    Using Gadgetbride + active pedometer + kitchen combo still triggers a low memory error when cycling through the multiple faces (when changing from e-calib to the clock face, specifically).

    Hope this further helps.

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    Well, it seems I got the same issue as reported by @Sander. I'm 100% positive I did not touch the Web IDE. See here for the full details.
    In this state, using the Bangle.js app loader reports 0 installed apps, which is very wired.
    Using the Web IDE to try to figure out what is going on, I tried to look at the device storage, and things got even stranger. My apps seem to effectively be gone, and all I have left are some active pedometer files and some files with strange names (I have attached a screenshot, and a zip file with the contents).
    I don't think further information can be taken from here, so I will now reinstall all apps so I can continue using my Bangle.js.
    I hope this helps find a solution!

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    Ok, so this seems to be the issue reported here by @Sander. I will continue discussing this issue there.

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    I think it's possible that Kitchen Combo is pushing the limits of free memory. I wonder if @HughB (the developer) has the Gadgetbridge widget as I guess he may have designed Kitchen Combo to run without it.

    Ok, so maybe we can work together with @HughB to try and optimize memory usage? For instance, "Multi Clock" which has a very similar font to "Kitchen Combo" also used to give me low memory problems. Maybe there is room for optimization there?

    In the meantime, just today something else happened (which might be related to this issues). My Bangle.js stopped receiving notifications from gadgetbridge - not completely stopped, it would vibrate, but no notification message would appear. I tried to reboot the phone by accessing "Settings", but a longpress on BTN2 resulted in the dreaded red "Memory" message in the bottom. So I tried a long BTN3 press, to reset the watch face, but instead of resetting the watch face I just got a black screen. After a few seconds, the red "Low Memory" message appeared again. Since the Bangle.js was completely unresponsive, I did the longpress on BTN1+BTN2 to reboot it, which it did. But something went wrong, and now the watch is stuck on the "splash" screen (attached).
    Rebooting it using the same method, doesn't seem to help.
    While the Bangle.js is stuck in this screen, is there anything I can do to debug?
    I suppose reinstalling all apps should solve the issue, but maybe we can learn something else from this state?