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  • I suddenly feel the need to defend myself for using Anton clock (plus). I like it, it has seconds and displays the date including weekday. What more do I need? I don't use Gadgetbridge so no weather and I don't care about my daily steps.

  • No need to defend your config. It is your config.
    Thats the point of BangleJS, its your watch etc.

    I'm just surprised that with 2000 B2s sold the top clock after Anton CLock (BW) clock only shows 16 installs. This could be because many are not using the Bangle 2 as their primary smart watch. I have gone all in now. Or maybe I have not allowed for enough time to elapse for the stats to collect.

    I do remember seeing a report that @Gordon generated from the server which showed hundreds of downloads of different Apps on Bangle1. So maybe the opt-in feature to collect the stats has only been activated by a small minority of the userbase so far.


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