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  • I'm consistantly getting a hang when I go into settings and scoll up and down to change the color settings in slopeclockpp. I'm on fw2v16.28, only got the lock widget installed, settings, slopeclockpp and lato clocks installed. I have to reboot the watch with a long press. The problem starts when the menu scrolls off the screen - as in the screenshot. I was able to connect via the IDE but the console prompt never responded or showed up. I will try and capture more info so I can log a bug. I have stripped out unnecessary apps, widgets and rewritten the settings just in case.

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  • Weird, I haven't got that bug recently, but I did get something similar earlier which was fixed when issue #2168 was closed.

    When it hangs, do you get any error messages if connected to the Web IDE?

    You don't happen to have some custom code for E.showScroller installed with outdated code somehow?

    Is everything up to date with the app loader? (Main one or development one in that case?)

    I don't think it should help, but you could try installing Swipe menus. If it helps it's maybe something with E.showscroller that's still using old code.

    EDIT: Also, did you try uninstalling and then installing Slope Clock++ again. If this only happens in it's settings menu maybe the slopeclockpp.settings.js file has been corrupted somewhere along the way?


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