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  • @andiohn as I understand it, the Home Assistant app adds a 'clock info', so if you have clocks that display them (eg BW Clock, Slope Clock ++) then when it's showing, tapping on it will perform some kind of Home Assistant function. That might be what you want, but if not a widget could be neat.

    The Quick Launch is a great idea - and while it doesn't exist currently, it could also be good as a clock_info

    Max/Min Charge settings

    I'm afraid none of that is under software control, so there's nothing we can do to stop charging. With the proper charge controller in there I'm not sure that it's a huge problem keeping the Bangle on charge though.

  • @Gordon, it's possible we could trigger home assistant to turn off the usb port that's charging the bangle if the home assistant bangle app could trigger an automation based on charge level! That'd be a way around it.

    I've had tablets turn into spicy pillows when they stay at 100% all of the time :/


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