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  • Ok, I definitely think I squashed all "loading..." bugs now (even found another one in the process...)

    I don't really know about src's or how to get them :P

    No problem, I've added logging unknown apps to my TODO list ;-)

    Also (a bit worrysome): the app may or may not cause storage corruption after you receive too many messages...

    • To play it safe, you might want to run Settings->Utils->Delete all every now and then. (even if you don't have any messages: deleted messages are also stored, but this really erases them)
    • If you bravely want to see if you run into the same problem, please check your backups are up to date.
  • As I understand that thread about storage corruption it's not permanent and fixable via the app loader? In that case I won't worry.

    I continue on with two more bug reports :P

    1. I send a file with "KDE Connect" to my phone which then gets a notification which is relayed to the bangle.
    2. The bangle receives the notification and promptly starts loading it.
    3. A blank black screen appears, except for the widget field. No red back button present. Short physical button press does nothing. Long physical button press loads the clock.
    4. Press the widget loads the message as expected.

    It seems like the message hasn't "landed" completely on the bangle when it tries to auto-open it.

    Next one:

    1. Open Scrolling Messages settings
    2. Click 'Utils'
    3. Click 'Delete all'
    4. Click either 'Yes' or 'No'
    5. 'Utillities' page is displayed again. Some widgets do not display (RAM widget) as well as no red back button. Clicking 'Delete all' does nothing. Short press physical button does nothing. Long press physical button to go back to clock works.

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