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  • It just happened to my Bangle.js 2 with firmware 2v15.5

    It seemed to happen just when my phone got a new message which Gadgetbridge would have passed on.
    I was testing a modified messages app that saves them to a StorageFile, no idea how large that file had already grown, but if the file was about to roll over, it would have done this:

      let file = require("Storage").open("messages.jsonl"­, "a");
      if (file.getLength()>38000) {
          // create a fresh storage file
          file = require("Storage").open("messages.jsonl"­, "a");

    Also a bit weird: when I first noticed the watch didn't respond, I long-pressed the button and it showed the "Loading..." box in black text on white, instead of my configured theme of white on black.

  • I just got this as well. I have @rigrig's Scrolling Messages installed so it's likely this has to do with that.

    What seemed to trigger it for me:

    1. Changed LCD timeout setting from 30s to 5s.
    2. Exit settings
    3. boot0 updates
    4. clock loads.
    5. "light switch"-app tap to wake functionality acting up a bit. The widget not updating when LCD turns off.
    6. Going in to settings.
    7. Toggling/changing settings is not acting as normal, not indicating change or going back when pressing to toggle.
    8. When going back to previous menu page however the setting indicates being toggled/changed.
    9. Exit settings and rebooting
    10. the messages re corrupt storage is displayed.

    I had also been playing with an update to the pomodoro-app.

    EDIT: Bangle.js 2 fw 2v15


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