• I have seen this as well in the past few weeks. I've also noted that the Gadgetbridge app (Bangle.js version) sometimes also has crashed when the watch has locked up. Haven't had time to debug yet, and I cannot get the app to save a debug log (nothing happens when I press Fetch Debug Logs)...

    I'm using "A Configurable Analog Clock" as my watch face.

  • To get the debug logs from Gadgetbridge you can (edit: apparently not the same, see Gordons response below) first activate logging by:

    Open the sidebar -> 'Settings' -> Check 'Write log files'.

    Then share the log:

    Open the sidebar -> 'Debug' -> 'SHARE LOG' -> Choose where to send the
    log. (I send it to my laptop with KDE Connect, but you can of course
    use an app on the phone)


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