• @Alessandro: instead of letting the app specify loadWidgets directly, I think it was better to make it support settings in general, and have "magic" loadWidgets setting. That way you only need to add it to your settings, and the library will handle it. (instead of your code needing to read the settings and pass them on to the library)

    I created a PR: basically you can specify a settingsFile, and it is loaded directly into your clock.

    If you have a loadWidgets setting, changing it to false prevents widgets from being loaded.

  • Agree, your solution is much better.

    What do you think about a variable "precision"? Eg 60 seconds when Bangle is locked and 1 second when unlocked? (customizable)

    My use case is that on my custom clock (using Clock Face + Layout) I want to show the next timer. I update the residual time every minute (eg. ~10m, ~5m, ~2m etc.) but when timer is < 1m I'd want to update every second.

    Is a variable precision something we could add to the module? Maybe the return value of draw()/update() will be set as next precision? If undefined the default precision will be used.

    What do you think?


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